The New Covenant is not what you think

Understanding Your Relationship with God Beyond Religion

Since the dawn of mankind, the search for a connection with our Creator has been unwavering. However, the true intimacy that He yearns for often gets obscured by religious dogmas. This book is a captivating journey that helps you discover the who, what, where, and why behind the New Covenant.

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New Covenant Book by Steven Gardner

About the Author

Steven Gardner

At eight years old Steven Gardner walked down the aisle of a Low Country church in SC. At eighteen years old, he joined the US Army to get out that SC town. By twenty-eight years old, he had made enough bad decisions that it wasn’t hard for God to get his attention to return. Heartbroken, fighting addiction, and empty he knew he would only find peace in God’s plan for his life. He went back to what he was familiar with as a child, but God had more instore than being comfortable walking in the religious traditions of his family’s past. After more than two decades of studying the Word from a Hebraic perspective, he discovered one of the greatest treasures that has been hidden in plain sight. It is his passion to share what he found with you in the pages of this book.

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About the Book

Explore the depths of your identity as a follower of Messiah and witness the transformation that unfolds. Mysteries that have long puzzled you will find resolution, and the puzzle pieces will fit together seamlessly without the confines of traditional explanations.

By letting the Word speak for itself, you’ll remove the veils of religion and find a loving and compassionate Creator, Savior, and Friend.

This book isn’t just about understanding; it’s about action. Discover how the boundless love of God can draw you into a meaningful relationship that produces fruit that reflects your devotion to both God and humanity.

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    Read a Sample of from the book

    Chapter 1

    The Best User’s Manual Ever!

    The Bible is a divinely inspired compilation of history, parables, and instructions designed to give the reader wisdom and understanding in life. It’s very much like a user manual for cars, except it’s for people.

    A car’s user manual instructs the owner on how to care for and operate their car. In the manual, you’ll find out what kind of fuel you need to use. Some cars require premium fuel, while others can use regular. Some cars can handle ethanol, while others cannot. Using the right fuel, gas or diesel, is very important to the life of the car.

    If the manual isn’t followed, then the performance and efficiency are affected, and the life of the car may be shortened.

    Is the manufacturer punishing the new owner? No. It’s a natural consequence of the owner choosing to use subpar fuel or parts. Choosing to ignore the service schedule will cause the car to reach its end of life faster. Also, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Too much high-quality oil will blow seals and cause mechanical failures regardless of price, quality, or brand.

    The same is true for people. Too much food, sex, alcohol, and so on will cause problems in our lives. Like a tire that’s out of balance, the ride gets rough and unpleasant when we allow “stuff” to throw off our proper balance in life. Balance is known as peace; true peace can only come from God. It’s when we look to “things” to give us peace or joy that life goes awry. While this seems remedial in many respects, God, our “Manufacturer,” has given us some fundamental instructions on how to take care of our bodies.

    If you’ve ever purchased a car, you probably took good care of it when you first got it. After a while, maybe you stopped washing it as much, maybe you missed an oil change here or there, or maybe you pushed the service interval out another one or two thousand miles. Maybe you’ve done the same thing with your life, physically, spiritually, or emotionally, and you need to reevaluate how well you’re taking care of the most valuable thing you have, you. Thankfully, you have a fantastic resource right at your disposal. I hope you find balance and peace in this book as we take a look at the Bible while answering some difficult questions that have gone unaddressed for centuries.

    As with any topic, basic terms need to be understood, or effective communication may not be possible. As with the new car manual analogy, if a person doesn’t know what they’re to do because they don’t understand specific terms, they won’t be able to apply or understand what they just read.

    The Bible has different forms or translations. For example, a “Jewish” Bible does not have a New Testament. It will contain the books of the Old Testament known as the Tanakh, an acronym for the Torah, Nevi’im, and the Ketuvim. The Torah is the first five books of the Bible, known as the Books of Moses. Many call Torah the “law” as that is how it was translated, but in reality, the Word torah means “instructions” in Hebrew.

    Much like a parent’s instructions for their child, God has given us Torah so we might know what’s right vs. wrong, what to do vs. not to do. Think back to the owner’s manual. The Nevi’im is known as the “Prophets,” and the Ketuvim is the last section of the Tanakh, known as the “Writings.”