About the Author

Arthur “Ray” Gardner

Ray and his wife, Brenda, live on a 40-acres of land in the country where they have been studying Hebraic Roots for the past 23 years. 

“My intention in compiling these books is to enable small Torah study groups that are just getting started to have enough material to teach the methods of interpretation and to show some of the vast amount of information that is hidden beneath the surface. I hope you enjoy reading this work as much as I have enjoyed collecting it over the years.”

Ray is a graduate from USC where he studied electrical engineering. He worked at Charleston Paper Mill for 30 years before retiring. Also, he was a combat photographer in the Vietnam War. 

Ray and Brenda have been married for over 25 years. Ray has four children and 13 grandchildren. He enjoys being outside on the land, gardening, and studying Torah.

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